Friday, July 15, 2016


Seeing what Isabel did to herself, my only thought was this is exactly why a sissy should always be locked in chastity. Not that I can blame her; if Emily didn't keep my clit under lock and key, I'd do this every fucking day.

Honestly, I don't think there was a time I didn't fantasize more about looking like one of them than fucking one of them.

Ahhhh, remembering the days when I wore the "big" cage. Now? The small one, always the small one.


Yes, I still get incredibly jealous when she tells me how good he is, how hard he makes her cum, how much she craves his cock inside her.

But instead of asking her to stop, instead of asking her to unlock me and let me put my penis inside her, I look down, do what we both know I'm going to do, and beg me to let her lick her clean while my clit swells, untouched, in the cage.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

"You'd better make yourself dinner tonight, sweetie," your wife said when you got home, "I don't think they'll be done for awhile. Save lots of room for dessert, though, there's going to be plenty."

"I wouldn't call six months in chastity too long, dear, I'd call it a good start."

"Normal" clothes, of course, being your girlie clothes

Guess who doesn't get to cum

Now you may kiss your bride

A sissy's first duty is to serve

Sissy Dreams

Cock in her boi pussy.

Cock in her mouth.

Wife filming.

And no idea who they are.

"I told you your husband would suck cock, didn't I?"